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Wireframing with the blood of your enemies posted by RJ Jun 15, 2007


I’ve always preferred sketching UIs with the blood of my enemies over a thin ballpoint pen or finely sharpened pencil.

Ballpoints and fine tips just don’t convey the same sense of malice and dominance as blood. Fine tips invite you to draw while blood invites you to visualize your concept obliterating the competition. When you sketch with a thin tip you tend to spend too much time worrying about making it look good. Using blood encourages you to ignore extraneous details and focus on what matters: the annihilation of your rivals and the subjugation of their people. You can almost hear the women weeping.

If you're a designer, try this out next time you're sketching. You'll find your focus improves, and that's a good thing.

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In loving parody of the 37signals weblog Signal vs Noise.