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[eavesdrop] iPhones, UPS, and Salad posted by RJ Jun 28, 2007


Some recent activity at our internal 38thSignal FuneralPyre chat room:

TonyAT&T & Apple announce iPhone service plans: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/apple/28807/
RJMy wife gets mad about $3 lattes.

UPS alert

RJUPS is pretty cool. I just got an automated call from them telling me that my package was destroyed by their handlers in a game of rugby, and I'll need to order a new laptop.
Such a great idea to give me a heads up like that.
BradIsn't it?

Salad Price Plans
TonyWhere do you want to go for lunch today?
BradHow about Bennys?
TonyThey have an awesome salad. It has three different price plans.
BradI love that there are just 3 plans.
I love that there's unlimited croutons.
TonyMost places charge through the nose for croutons.
Bradof course most people will just look at the leaf type.
And when you do that, it looks expensive.
But with unlimited croutons...it's a fair deal.
TonyAnd you can take home a doggy bag too, which is great.

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