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5 business lessons from Optimus Prime posted by RJ Jul 11, 2007


How Autobots became the Anti-Decepticons explores the interesting formula for success that lead Autobot Optimis Prime (and his successor Rodimus Prime) implemented: Take care of your robots, fight evil, blow things up, go really fast, and be more than meets the eye. In addition, sell toys - this adds an extra 20 percent in revenue each year to speaking engagements and public demonstrations.

5 lessons revealed in the article:

1. Take care of your robots.

"The Autobots average pay, for example, is 15% higher than Megatron's Decepticons. While Megatron rules with an authoritative iron fist, akin to the early Ford legacy, the Primes have taken a more open model of leadership by empowerment, following trends set by pioneer CEOs Rupert Murdoch and Jeff Bezos. In addition, the Autobots employment package has a comprehensive health plan, including dental, and Ratchet is available for emergency services 24/7."

2. Fight Evil

"Optimus Prime is a huge fan of the Google motto for businesses: don't be evil. He's very open about what people get from his team: world-class defense services against the forces of evil. 'I think people recognize that we're here to fight evil,' said Optimus in a recent interview. 'The Autobot brand is synonymous with waging our battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. People understand that even though we're robots in disguise, we can't stay worlds apart. I can't stress how important that message is on a personal level, both for me and my leadership team.'"

3. Blow Things Up

"The core of Autobot market appeal is that despite their humble stance towards resolving conflicts without violence, they still seem to wind up in the middle of some of the best pyrotechnics modern science could imagine. Business growth is leveraged from the simultaneous message of peaceful coexistence and near-erotic levels of violence."

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