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In the presence of mediocrity posted by RJ Jul 30, 2007


Last night a few friends and I went to see the musical, "Lady of Mishap: A Young Girls Tale" at the National Opera House in Vilnuis and directed by Kalliglam Vildshnap. If you've ever wondered what happens to the terrible noises animals make during child birth once they leave the atmosphere, I can tell you that Vishnap has found a way to bring at least a few back to earth.

I'd never really heard any of the "musicians", if you can call them that, and I hope never to again.

Everyone in the crowd was unfortunate to be in the presence of mediocrity last night. We’re all much worse off for it.

It reminded me again just how bad it is to be in the presence of disaster. Whether it's watching four-year-olds play soccer or listening to a middle school orchestra or sitting on a hard chair having bad food with annoying people, nothing kills inspiration or suffocates hope like suffering in quiet desperation while lesser men abuse your five (or six) senses. Where else, besides a quarantined ebola village, can just being there be so bad for you?

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