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A reminder about the power of going door to door. posted by Tony Jul 5, 2007


We've noticed how a lot of our customers don't have computers or phones, and like to spend most of their time in the dark with the shades drawn. That explains why a lot of them hadn't heard about our recent article in National Geographic for Kids.

Luckily for us we try hard to keep in touch with our customers in the way that makes sense for them: by going door to door. After a recent round of "pounding the pavement" as we like to call it, we got a lot of great feedback about where our company is going and how we're affecting our customers' day to day experience:

"You kids get the sam hell off my lawn!!!!"
George Smith - Plotzville, NY

"Oh how wonderful! Would you like to come in and see my collection of doilies? Please do. Please? Come back!!"
Edith Jenkins - Sioux Falls, SD

"Oooh, I love web apps! I'll take three! Extra crispy!"
Jacob Johnson - Charleston, SC

Great feedback, and we couldn't have gotten it unless we'd gone straight to the source. That's the power of door to door.

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