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The Way to Wealth: Plunder the Saxon Dogs... posted by Tony Jul 3, 2007


Sometimes the wisest thoughts comes down to us through the ages from the drunken babblings of our barbaric ancestors. Is there really much difference between a salesman in a boardroom and a woad-coated, mead-sotted warrior rushing across a field with an axe besides a nice tie and maybe a bit fresher breath?

Every few days, we try to get back to the basics by reading some of the observations from one of the great luminaries of the 5th century, Bjarne Frank's Bane. Listen to a few of his thoughts, and see how easy they are to apply to today's business landscape:

The dull axe hackes no bone

If you want to know the value of monie, try hiding it from Thorkal One Eye

A fish in the beard is a snack for later

Buy what you do not need, and soon you will need to pillage Mercia

It’s easier to suppress the first desire than to explain it to Brunehilde Ravenscreech

A flagon in hand is wurth two spilt on the tabel

A peasant on his legs is higher than a peasant with no legs.

If you want to bee wealthie, don't farm Northumbria

Mead-courage is the best courage

...and so on.

If you've ever wondered where gems like "Never trust that thieving bastard Sven Thrall Hewer" or "A life of leesure and a life of lazyness are two excellent things", now you know.

Sadly, wisdom like this wasn't often written in books and our only surviving copies are in Jorvik. If you're in the area it's worth a visit; if not, you'll can get most of this wisdom listening carefully in the mead halls of your elders.

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