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Been highlighted lately? posted by Brad Sep 11, 2007


My patience is wearing thin on this one. There's this super annoying trend on web pages these days -- especially web pages trying to sell you something. You'll be reading along, trying to figure out if a product or service matches your needs, and then it happens: the text's background turns a mucusy shade of pale yellow. This gleaming stain stares you in the face, mocking you, right in the middle of the copy. That's right -- you got highlighted.

Here's a time-lapse of my experience scrolling down a site that uses this effect:

You know what that looks like? A bad trip, that's what.

There's more than the hallucinations, too. Highlighting distracts you, and worse, it makes you feel dumb, like they think you can't read -- it's like the <blink> tag all over again. Every piece of highlighted text is the same, condescendingly coughed up in the same sickly yellow, sucker-punching your ego, cut off and disconnected from your copy, your site, and your design. Using this technique makes everything look splotchy and erratic.

So next time you're hawking a product, stop insulting me and think twice before you start playing with the highlighter. I'll take notes for myself, thanks very much.

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