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How opinionated companies clean up while you're blabbing on the web posted by Tony Oct 22, 2007


Distraction can be a painful thing.

Remember the hubbub when some company talked about what some other company was doing and we all posted comments about the first company on the second company's blog?

The Web stood still.

Companies that lead need to be able to distract everyone into talking about them instead of getting actual work done. That way they can clean up in the market while everyone is commenting on opinionated blog posts.

You may not like the comments or opinions we put up on our blog here, but when you sit here and comment on them instead of doing productive work, we win.

Opinions sometimes make people angry. They cause strife and polarize the community. That's great, since it gets conversation going, and that conversation happens on our site, and our advertising is right there.

So when you see 500 "I totally agree" comments on our posts, they may look like spam to you, but they look like gold to us.
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In loving parody of the 37signals weblog Signal vs Noise.